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As a longterm manufacturer and supplier for the transportation industry we fullfil the high technical standards of the OEM’s.

As a long-standing supplier to the automotive and transport industry, we meet the high technical delivery requirements of the mobility industry worldwide.

As a supplier for the automotive and transport industry, we meet the high technical delivery requirements of international OEMs. We supply absolutely reliable knitted fabrics for roller blind systems that provide excellent privacy and sun protection and meet safety aspects. 

We select the appropriate materials and finishing steps to meet the specific requirements. Depending on the customer’s requirements, our knitted fabrics are available in rolls or ready-made cuts.

We pay attention to updated quality management and are certified according to ISO 9001.

Shading, privacy and sun protection

Our technical knitted fabrics offer passengers protection and comfort in the vehicle interior. Whether used as roof, side or rear window blinds, they help to reduce the interior temperature in the vehicle by blocking and reflecting the sun. Depending on your requirements, we offer you different screen and black-out fabrics in various quality levels and fire protection levels.

Wind deflectors and wind screens

A cabriolet cannot be imagined without it: the airflow is reduced and your journey becomes a pleasure and no “bad-hair-day”.

Dividing, protection and luggage nets

For more safety in the trunk or to secure your load or pet.

Nets for seat and door pockets

To round off the seat development in aeroplanes or automobiles we offer different nets, which are used e.g. for literature or net bags.

Load compartment covers

We offer technical knitted fabrics as a coating base, e.g. for load compartment covers.

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