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Due to increasing demands in architecture, more and more technical textiles are being used. High functionality, long durability and low weight are good arguments for textile solutions in this field of application.

Reinforcing nets

Since the beginning of the 20th century, concrete has been reinforced with steel and new possibilities and materials have been discovered for more efficient, economical and filigree reinforcement of concrete.
Knitted steel mesh can completely replace conventional reinforcement, e.g. in industrial floors or foundations. However, they can also be used as additional stabilizers for conventional steel reinforcement. The steel fibre reinforcement supports the concrete to shear and flexural strength and at the same time improves the deformation and cracking behaviour and leads to a higher ductility.

Outdoor sun protection

Nowadays, balcony curtains accentuate modern building facades. As a flexible and airy alternative to classic sun blinds, they are the perfect solution for curves and creative exterior architecture.

In addition to their aesthetic character, balcony curtains are designed to meet the needs of their users. The curtain can adjust to the position of the sun and provide shade where it is needed. Our weatherproof warp-knitted fabrics are made of UV stable, flame-retardant PES, which is also used for awnings. In addition, our material is weather-resistant.

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